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2023 Club Membership
Thank you for your interest in the Dubuque Area Triathlon Club (DATC)! We are a local group of multi-sport enthusiasts. The DATC mission is to grow and inspire the triathlon community, and present a motivating opportunity to train, network and compete. We strive to bring value to the members of the club by enlisting new members and new ideas. We encourage diversity and have a wide range of athletes in age, ability and reasons for being involved in the sport. Your membership grants you access to group workouts, club socials, a club apparel item, and the chance to hang with a really fun group! We welcome the chance to train, race and have fun with you!
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DATC Socks!
Free for all members who register before March 1, 2023!
Click on image below socks for sizing.
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  10 -13 L
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